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Sprinter Van Repair and Service

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Tired of ridiculous Mercedes dealer fees and prices? If you want to fix your van without the cost of going to the dealer, then you need a Mercedes Sprinter van repair service that values your business and takes care of you. It always helps when there’s a fair price to get you back on the road.

white sprinter van in shop with hood lifted and mechanic repairing engine compartment parts Our Sprinter van service offers fast and affordable repairs with personal, friendly customer service. We always take the time to talk to our customers and ensure that your van receives the best treatment.

With commercial van repairs, you also want to get preventive maintenance that will keep your vehicles on the road for 20 years or more. Our technicians are experts in Mercedes parts and can help you save money. It’s our goal to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van always leaves our shop ready to drive at peak performance.


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Why Our Mercedes Sprinter Van Repair Service?

With larger commercial vehicles, you need a Sprinter van service that delivers the quality of Mercedes technical care with an affordable price. We offer Mercedes certified specialists who understand the mechanics of this cargo van and some of the common issues that drivers face. The fact is most businesses reliant on these commercial vans would have to stop service for an entire day without a great Sprinter van service to keep their vehicles in top-notch shape.

Many companies spend too much replacing broken rotors and alternators when it could be another issue entirely. With a Mercedes Sprinter repair technician, you can always expect us to know the answer and find the problem quickly. We’ve been working with these vehicles for over 10 years.

Some of the Special Sprinter Van Service Warnings We’ve Seen Lately include:

Sprinter Start Countdown: If you see this warning, you may need to reset your Sprinter Start Countdown, which is a malfunction of the Adblue system.

Sprinter DPF Clogged: Notice your engine is running rough? It could be that your Sprinter DPF clogged and you need to clear the filter right away.

Sprinter Losing Power/Limp Mode: For turbocharged engines, you might encounter this issue which reduces your speed and fuel. You’ll need to come in to get Sprinter losing power/limp mode problems fixed with a reset.

If you have a Sprinter van that’s been experiencing these issues, then you need to work with a technician specialized in resolving these problems with the right tools. That’s where we come in to help.

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Common Mercedes Sprinter Van Repair Services

Since your Sprinter van is always on the road, you need to take notice of things like a drop in power, loss of fuel, or electrical problems. Over time, these issues can create problems for your service workers and lose you money.

In addition, our quality Mercedes Sprinter Van repair facility can actually reduce your bills over time because we’re affordable and always provide top-notch maintenance packages for business clients.

Some of the common issues you can prevent with regular Sprinter van service include:

Sprinter Broken Exhaust Pipe: Over time, your van’s exhaust can become clogged or cracked, leading to bad emissions and other problems. It’s time to get a replacement for your Sprinter broken exhaust pipe.

Sprinter Rumble Strip Noise: In cases where you often see limp home mode, you might also have problems with Sprinter rumble strip noise, which often comes from the torque converter clutch.

Sprinter DEF Heating Failure: Has the heater gone out on your van? It could be Sprinter DEF heating failure, which is an issue involving the DEF tank.

Sprinter Engine Oil Leak from Oil Cooler: This service can be costly without the right technician. We’ll fix your Sprinter engine oil leak from oil cooler quickly the first time.

Sprinter Black Death: You need to catch the Sprinter black death curse early. This is noticeable if your van starts to tick and you notice an oil smell in the cabin. If you look under the hood to find a black mess or see smoke from an injection fuel area, you need to bring your van in quickly.

 Sprinter Glow Plugs and Module: If your check engine light comes on for Sprinter glow plugs and module repairs, then you likely have faulty plugs that are turning on your CEL. It’s time to come in for a check up.

Ready for Affordable Sprinter Van Service?

Most Sprinter vans last for over 10 years, but yours could last even longer with proper care and maintenance. The truth is that Mercedes Sprinter van repair doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can repair commercial vans for much less by working with our Mercedes-Benz certified technicians.

We offer affordable utility van repair services from experts who have worked with these vans since 2009. Whether you need an emergency commercial van repair or want regular van repair and maintenance, our technicians have the most knowledge of tools and parts to get the job done right the first time. It’s our guarantee!

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