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“It is impossible to put into words the peace of mind that comes with a great, honest, trustworthy and reliable mechanic. When I moved to Saint George I was disappointed in Mercedes repair shops in town and drove to Vegas to get repairs…. Until I ran into a lady with a Mercedes at the gas station and I asked her who took care of her car. She raved about Keith so I figured I would give him a try. I love him! He has taken care of two of our cars, helped us buy a new car, always kept our cars clean and running perfectly. He has never changed his price unexpectedly and always comes in 30-50% less than the dealer, with much better customer service. Even the dealers know Keith and how knowledgeable he is about Mercedes. He has gone above and beyond for us.” Michelle Brock

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“Keith is the most trustworthy mechanic we have known and we are very happy to have him here in St. George. When moved here, we thought we had to drive to Vegas for services. But Keith’s great marketing of leaving a car on our car worked! And we are thankful. He provides very high quality of work for a very reasonable price. We will not take our car anywhere but to Keith.” Michael Pierce

5 Stars, Google

I just read some of the other reviews and the easy thing for me to write would be “ditto.” There’s no question about Keith’s integrity, skill and knowledge and I wholeheartedly endorse those comments. But there is another characteristic that I really like about Keith and think makes him stand out from others, and that is his practicality. Face it, not every bell and whistle on these Mercedes is vital to safety and driveability. Keith understands that and keeps things in perspective when it comes to suggesting which repairs should be priorities. I appreciate that. Keith is a valuable resource for St George’s Mercedes owners and I’m glad I discovered him. James Harrison

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‘Keith at Deutschland AutoWerks is not only a fair priced Mercedes mechanic, but he is also a wonderful person! My ex-brought my ML350 to him while I was out of the country for business. He fixed multiple issues with the vehicle and even held the car at his shop until I was able to get back to town! Overall, it’sana awesome shop that is ran by a dying breed of people that genuinely care about you and your vehicle!” Patrick Brundige

5 Stars, Google

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