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mercedes transmission repair. transmission cutout to see internal parts and components with silver shell Got transmission problems? We’re committed to provide the best Mercedes transmission repair, and we always cost less than the dealer.

When you feel your transmission working hard to get you down the road, you know there is a problem. While routine car maintenance helps you avoid an afternoon spent roadside, you should still look out for the warning signs of a bad transmission to avoid the issue getting worse.

Our team performs a transmission inspection with every maintenance check-up. Our team of certified technicians can repair and replace transmissions so that you don’t have to worry about those grinding gears anymore.

Mercedes-Benz Transmission Repair Signs & Symptoms

While most newer vehicles won’t have to deal with a bad transmission, your Mercedes will tell you when you are having an issue with your drive train and transmission system. These warnings will flash when you shift gears thanks to the Mercedes system computer.

However, on older Mercedes, you may not get any alerts, but you notice that there is a slow response from your engine when you shift gears or a noise that occurs whenever you’re driving. When you notice these signs, you need Mercedes transmission repair experts who know exactly how to fix the problem.

Some of the common signs of Mercedes Benz transmission problems include:

  • Mercedes transmission stuck in first gear
  • Mercedes transmission shudder when shifting
  • Problems with shifting gears
  • Mercedes transmission slipping or falling out of gear
  • Shifting gears without reason
  • Car jerks when gears shift
  • Grinding gears
  • Unusual noises or a whining sound
  • Cloudy, smoked transmission fluid
  • Smells like something is burning when you drive
  • Leaking transmission fluid

If you are having Mercedes Benz transmission problems and spot any of these signs, you need to take your vehicle in for Mercedes transmission repair services. You could be dealing with a major transmission failure that will stop you in your tracks on the highway. If you want to avoid the emergency lane, then you can call the Mercedes transmission experts to perform a complete inspection and provide you with an estimate of all services and parts needed.

Common Mercedes Transmission Issues

Don’t let Mercedes transmission trouble keep you off the road. It’s time to work with real Mercedes-certified techs who can help you repair your transmission for less.

Some things are unavoidable as a car gets older. You may notice that your vehicle is slow to response when you need to shift to a higher or lower gear. This is one of the most common Mercedes transmission issues. While it’s likely your transmission, there are some other problems that you could be facing with an older Mercedes. This also depends on whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, too.

There are some common transmission problems that we see with Mercedes:

  • When you shift, you feel it grind or shaking. This means the gears are damaged and headed for worse shape if you don’t bring in the vehicle immediately.
  • If your car doesn’t respond or if you experience a delay when shifting, then it could be an issue with transmission fluid or an issue with your car’s computer.
  • A whining noise indicates that your fluid may be low or breaking down. It could also be that your transmission is older and breaking down, needing replacement parts.
  • Overheated fluid can cause a burning smell when you drive.
  • Slipping transmissions indicate a much bigger issue with your car’s computer or broken parts needing replacement.

Our Mercedes-certified technicians always work with OEM parts and understand the particular parts of each Mercedes model. For transmission repair, your Mercedes needs a mechanic who can spot common issues with certain models so you get the best service and don’t have to pay the same rates as you would at a dealer.

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Mercedes Transmission Repair or Mercedes Transmission Rebuild

Everyone wants to save money on Mercedes transmission repair, but our shop truly excels at providing the best rates. See why we’re the best Mercedes services shop in the area!

One of the most common questions is whether a transmission be rebuilt or does it have to be entirely replaced. Transmission problems can only be diagnosed by a certified Mercedes technician, and while you may not need your transmission replaced, you do need parts that are specific to your model. In other cases, it could simply be a transmission fluid issue.

We’ll work with you to share our estimate of services and parts required before any Mercedes transmission repair services are rendered.

Choose Deutschland to Fix Your Mercedes Transmission Trouble

Don’t wait on Mercedes transmission repair. It could cause even more damage and cost more to fix in the long run.

Our Mercedes-certified technicians are ready to diagnose and solve your transmission problems. You shouldn’t have to drive with a car you’re worried about breaking down, and we want to help. When you bring your car into our shop, we’ll immediately address your concerns and inspect your vehicle, using Mercedes tools and over 50 years of combined experience working with Mercedes models.

Mercedes-Benz Transmission Repair Shop

Ready to stop worrying about that noise from under the hood? With certified Mercedes transmission repair, you can feel confident about the services you receive because we always go above and beyond the client’s expectation.

We want to get you back out on the road as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to come by our shop for the best rates on all Mercedes transmission services, guaranteed to cost less than the dealer!



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