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At Deutchsland Autowërks,  we want to be your comprehensive source for all of your smart car service and repair needs. We bring over 15 years of experience dealing with smart car service and smart car repair, and we are a Mercedes-Benz certified master mechanic shop. Additionally, we use the latest cutting-edge factory diagnostic equipment, and we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our work. Finally, this gives our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have a qualified and experienced team completing their repairs. Some of the most common repairs we have recently performed are:white smart car with black wheels parked alongside street in the city with windows rolled down

  • Transmission won’t engage reverse
  • Transmission failures
  • Engine overheating
  • Malfunctioning climate controls
  • Battery won’t hold a charge
  • Loss of power

There are over 30,000 parts to your smart car, and it’s so much more than your average vehicle. Most importantly, all of these parts allow your smart car to deliver a safe and seamless ride. However, keeping your smart car in top performance and looking good requires a professional repair shop. Fortunately for you, Deutschland Autowërks is your local smart car repair shop with a highly skilled team of industry professionals.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our main goal with our smart car service and repair, and it all starts with an honest appraisal. We’ll give you a free service and repair estimate with no obligation or pressure, and we’ll use OEM parts for any smart car repairs you approve. In other words, we’ll work to keep your car looking and running great year after year. Most importantly, we give each client a 2-year, 24,000-mile OEM parts warranty. If you have questions, our staff are always ready to give you advice.


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Smart Car Qualified Maintenance Shop

No matter what type of smart car you have, our smart car repair and service offerings ensure we’re well equipped to provide you with the best service in the area. Because we dedicate ourselves to going above and beyond to repair your smart car, it’s critical that we invest time and care with your vehicle when you bring it to us.

If your smart car transmission reverse won’t work, your smart car climate control won’t work, you experience smart car engine overheating, or you have another issue, you can come to Deutschland Autowërks knowing that we are a qualified maintenance shop. Moreover, we’re ready to give you the best service on your schedule. Our staff stays up to date on the best practices and most cutting-edge equipment. As a result, our clients feel like they’ve found a home with our shop. 

Trust is paramount with all of the smart car service and repair work we take on. For that reason, our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable leaving your vehicle in our capable hands. You bought this energy-efficient car for a reason, and it’s our goal to keep it running in top shape for years to come. We’ve built our reputation and brand on our client relationships, and we’ll ensure you feel comfortable whenever you bring your car in for service or repairs.

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Smart Car Common Problems We Repair

Our high-tech equipment, combined with our experience, allows us to offer a host of smart car service and repair options. Some of the common repairs smart car owners experience are:

Transmission Won’t Engage Reverse

If your smart car transmission won’t engage reverse, your software in your transmission computer may be outdated. Our experienced staff can troubleshoot your software. In addition, a worn clutch plate can be the culprit. If this is the case, we can replace it and get your car road-ready once again.

Transmission Failure

Did you notice leaks around your smart car? Maybe your gears slip, you have shifting problems, or your car won’t stay in gear. These are all common smart car transmission problems that could indicate smart car transmission failure. However, you need a qualified professional to diagnose your problem and offer a solution. At Deutschland Autowërks, our team is ready to give you a free quote for repairs.

Engine Overheating

Are you experiencing your smart car engine overheating? If so, a thermostat failure, coolant leak, or a failing radiator fan can be the culprit. No matter if it overheats on long trips or short ones, we can test each area and diagnose your problem. Once we pinpoint it, we’ll give you a repair estimate.

Climate Control Won’t Work

A bad refrigeration circuit, blower fan, or blend air door control motor could be why your smart car climate control won’t work. Our staff will troubleshoot every system until we find the root cause. Once we do, we can install a new part to get your climate control running like new.

Battery Won’t Charge

If your smart car battery won’t charge or if your smart car battery is dead, there could be several causes. For example, parasitic draw, a defective alternator, or an old battery could be the problem. Our smart car service encompasses testing all of these factors to find and repair it so your battery will charge and hold a full charge.

Loss of Power

A smart car loss of power can be a sudden and scary problem, and there are several potential causes. Maybe you have an air conditioner draining your power, the fuel injector is dirty, or you have a dirty fuel filter. Whatever the cause for your smart car loss of power, our technicians will locate it, fix it, and get your car back to you.

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