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Mercedes Shock and Strut Replacement

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shock absorber strut with coil spring, suspension system of modern car A broken shock or a broken strut can do so much more than impact your comfort levels. They do help absorb the shock to make the ride smoother, but they play a role in braking, handling, and the general safety of your vehicle. In fact, struts and shocks play a huge role in how your Mercedes-Benz operates, and you want to be able to tell if your shock absorbers have gone bad.

Our team of certified and experienced mechanics can diagnose if you need a Mercedes-Benz strut replacement or a Mercedes shock replacement, and we can also make the necessary repairs. Also, we’re going to give you a shortlist of warning signs that your shocks are bad and need replacement. In turn, you’ll know whether or not you need to bring your vehicle in for a repair with our mechanics.

The Importance of Mercedes Struts and Shocks

If you have a bad shock or a worn out strut, your car won’t ride nearly as smoothly as it did when everything was in good repair. So, you’ll feel every bump in the road a lot more, and it can also lead to wear and tear on your vehicle. Additionally, shocks play critical roles in how well you can brake and handle your car. In the same vein, struts and shocks are safety features that ensure you stay in total control of your vehicle. This is why it’s imperative that you keep your struts and shocks in good repair at all times and bring it in at the first signs of trouble.

Common Signs of Failing Shocks and Struts

Luckily, there are several signs that you have a bad strut or a worn out shock on your hands. Being able to identify these errors quickly and get them to a Mercedes-Benz-certified master mechanic like the ones at Deutschland Autowërks quickly will help you get back on the road with a safe vehicle much quicker. So, we’re going to outline the most common signs that you may want to look into Mercedes shock and strut repair. This way, you can have all of the information you need to monitor your car’s feel and performance as you drive.

  • Bouncy Ride – As you may have guessed, these parts absorb the shock as you move over uneven or rough roads. As your shocks wear out, you’ll notice more bounce when you go over anything other than a flat road.
  • Cupped Tires – Worn shocks can affect the wheel camber and angle, and this can cause premature wear with tire scrubbing. Not only can this lead to cupped tires, but it can impact your fuel economy.
  • Bottoming Out – Normally, the shock absorbs the car’s movements when you hit a bump. However, as they wear out, they can give too much. When this happens, your car bottoms out or can brush the road.
  • Front End Dives – When you hit the breaks, your car should come to a smooth stop due to the shocks absorbing the movement. However, worn shocks may lead to the front end jerking or moving forward.
  • Steering or Braking Problems – A leaking shock or a leaking strut can impact your steering or braking. It may take longer to brake, and it can be harder to steer because your vehicle isn’t as responsive.
  • Vehicle Tips to One Side on Turns – Any shock that can’t control the up and down motion of your car when you drive can make it lean into corners when you turn, and this negatively influences the handling.
  • Feeling of Instability at High Speeds – Your vehicle should feel like you’re in control with a smooth ride, but worn shocks can make it wobble at higher speeds.

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When to Replace Your Mercedes Struts or Shocks

Ideally, you should think about Mercedes shock replacement as soon as you notice issues. So, if you’re having trouble with braking, steering, or your vehicle feels unstable as you travel down the road, you should schedule an appointment. Doing so will help ensure that you reduce the general wear and tear on your car, and it will also ensure that you’re safe as you travel.

Mercedes Airmatic Air Suspension Error Codes

One clue that you need Mercedes shock and strut repair is error codes, and the Airmatic Air Suspension Codes will pop up on your dash. Usually, you’ll see Air Suspension Failure, Visit Workshop, or the more critical one is Stop Vehicle Too Low. First, the Visit Workshop warning light usually refers to an electrical fault. The warning sign telling you that your vehicle is too low usually means that your air suspension has collapsed. If you need a Mercedes-Benz strut replacement or shock replacement with this message, it’s probably too low to drive safely.

The Importance of Replacement Performed with Mercedes OEM Parts

No matter if you need a Mercedes shock replacement or a Mercedes-Benz strut replacement, you want to use OEM parts. These parts are ones that come specifically from Mercedes, and this ensures that they’re the perfect fit for your car. They last longer, and you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you get parts that are tailor-made for your vehicle.

Mercedes Expert Shocks and Struts Replacement in St. George, UT

 If you have a broken shock or a bad strut, we can help. We offer all services and repairs with a 15-year certified master mechanic specializing in Mercedes-Benz. We only use OEM parts with the latest diagnostic and equipment on the market. Also, we offer client-focused services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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