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Mercedes Fuel System Cleaning and Service

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Close up of Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR 2018 V8 Bi-turbo exterior engineIf it’s time to schedule a Mercedes fuel system cleaning and service, come to our qualified and experienced professionals at Deutschland Autowërks. We believe in going above and beyond for each client we take on, and our shop performs all repairs and services on all Mercedes models. Also, we only use OEM parts for our repairs, and this is why all of our clients know that their Mercedes fuel system cleaning and service will be thorough and done correctly the first time.

What is a Fuel System Service and Why Do I Need It?

What is a fuel system and why do you need to schedule regular Mercedes fuel system service? Your engine needs fuel to run, and your car’s system has to store and deliver this fuel when you push the gas pedal. The fuel tank holds your fuel until you push the gas and trigger the fuel to travel through the fuel line into the throttle and fuel injectors before mixing with air and burned in your car’s combustion chamber. Although this system has a durable design, buildup can severely impact your fuel system’s performance and life. In turn, your Mercedes won’t run as well as it could.

You want a clean fuel system that comes closed to any outside influences that can negatively impact the car’s performance levels. Having a professional clean your fuel injector, fuel system, intake, and the throttle body will help the whole system meet factory specifications. It also helps your fuel system regulate the correct amount of fuel it releases, and this can help your car have even power on all terrains. Your Mercedes will start and idle better, and your car’s emission levels will decrease.

Symptoms of a Dirty or Clogged Fuel Line

So, what are the biggest symptoms that can clue you in that it’s time to schedule a Mercedes fuel system cleaning and service appointment for your car? The symptoms can vary depending on how dirty this system is, but we picked out the biggest red flags below:

  • Failing your emissions test
  • Rough start
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Increased fuel usage
  • Poor engine performance
  • Poor throttle response
  • Heat sink
  • Clogged injectors
  • Fuel line clogged

Although there are more symptoms, the ones in the list are the biggest ones that many people see when their fuel system has buildup and gets dirty. If you don’t schedule a cleaning, these symptoms can get much worse and shorter the length of your system’s lifespan.

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Mercedes Fuel Injection Service

the difference between port fuel injection and direct fuel injectionA thorough Mercedes direct injection fuel system cleaning involves several steps. Our professional and certified master mechanics will handle every step of the process to get your Mercedes back in top shape. You can see the steps involved in a Mercedes fuel injector cleaning below.
(and recommended every 30,000 miles).

Step One – Valve Carbon Cleaning

First, our mechanics will tackle the valve carbon cleaning. Impurities enter your engine when it runs, and these carbonized particles build up over time. You’ll eventually get a layer of material that disrupts your system’s valve seals. We’ll remove this residue so your valves can form a complete seal.

Step Two – Injector Cleaning

Your fuel injectors turn the liquid fuel your car uses for power into a fine mist by spraying it. The needle, or pintle, at one end of your injector, is vital in this process. The needle controls the spray density and the droplet size. Our mechanics will remove any unused fuel deposits that clog your injector needles. This step in necessary to maintain your engine’s performance and efficiency and your technician can advise you on how often you should schedule a cleaning.

Step Three – Removing Throttle Carbon

Carbon buildup can impact your throttle body performance. This part of your fuel system controls the air intake when you press on the gas pedal using a valve. Also, this impacts how your car idles. Fuel injector cleaning will ensure that your main butterfly valve doesn’t get stuck in an open position due to carbon buildup. We’ll remove buildup from the sensors and increase your fuel economy.

Step Four – Introducing Fuel Additive

Finally, our staff will introduce a fuel additive to your fuel tank. This additive will help burn our any excessive moisture from every area of your fuel system. Additionally, it continues to clean your fuel system until you burn through this tank of gas.

Mercedes Direct Injection (GDI) System Cleaning

image of how gasoline direct injection worksIf you have problems with your GDI system, your Mercedes may throw up an error code. When it does, it’s time to bring it into our staff for cleaning. We outlined the steps below.
(and recommended every 30,000 miles).

Step One – Scan for Fault Codes

When we perform a fuel system cleaning, we’ll scan for fault codes. This is a relatively straightforward process with our machines, and we’ll also gather information about your specific make and model. It’ll help up pinpoint the exact problem in your system.

Step Two – Determine How Bad the Carbon Buildup Is

We’ll take a borescope and look in your car’s cylinders to see how bad the carbon buildup is. This is usually in the intake valve. This will help us determine how much carbon you have and how we can go about cleaning the entire system.

Step Three – Clean the Carbon Out

Our staff uses a high-quality cleaner to strip the carbon away from your fuel system. An intake system cleaner will strip the carbon deposits away from any areas where your fuel doesn’t reach. They go through the air circulation system to reach the back of your intake valves.

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What Problems Can a Filthy, Untreated Fuel System Cause?

 A filthy, untreated fuel system will show up as engine performance issues. These issues can get worse as your system gets dirtier. At Deutschland Autowërks, our master mechanics know that a direct injection fuel service can take care of all of these problems, and we listed the biggest indicators below.

  • Engine can’t reach the optimum RPM
  • Throttle response is sluggish
  • Too many emissions
  • Knocking
  • Lower power output
  • Rough idling
  • Valves or fuel line clogged

Mercedes Fuel System Cleaning With OEM Parts and Certified Products

When it comes to fuel injector cleaning, you can certified products and OEM parts to ensure your car runs at peak performance. At Deutschland Autowërks, we only use OEM parts and certified products every time we take on a direct injection fuel service. We understand the value of the Mercedes brand, and we firmly believe that all of our clients deserve vehicles that run at their best levels. Our repairs and parts last for thousands of miles, and we use the latest diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the problem and get you back on the road quickly and efficiently.

Confidence In Your Fuel System Cleaned and Serviced Right!

We’ve streamlined our Mercedes fuel system cleaning and service using process-driven diagnostic systems and repairs. We bring over 15 years of experience working with the Mercedes brand, and our OEM parts ensure you get professional-grade results. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee shows how confident we are in our work, and you can contact us at Deutschland Autowërks to schedule your Mercedes fuel injection or direct injection fuel system cleaning today.

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