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Deutchsland Autowërks offers a full service exotic car repair and service center for exotic and luxury vehicles. We specialize in all types of luxury and sports car maintenance, custom modifications, OEM parts, and diagnostics. Founded years ago, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality personalized service to customers who have invested so much into exceptional vehicles. When you own an exotic, it’s important to work with a local, factory trained, certified exotic car repair and service facility. We always offer the best rate and fast service on exotic car repair to our clients. We get it right the first time.

Porsche Repair and Service

red porsche carrera 4 targa rear endWhether you own a Cayenne or a Panamera, the performance options on Porsche exotics make them some of the best cars to drive. However, they also require routine maintenance to stay safe on the road and prevent performance engine malfunctions after years of wear and tear. If you own this type of exotic, then you’ll need a trusted, certified mechanic who offers excellent Porsche car repair and OEM parts.

Some of the common issues that we find during Porsche exotic car repair and service include:

Cooling Issues  Some of the main problems with the Porsche Panamera and Cayenne include coolant distribution and pipe resealing. You may not even realize you have these issues as coolant puddles on top of the engine instead of causing a puddle on the garage floor.

Engine Failure – You may notice smoke from your engine, which is caused by overfilling oil when you’ve had maintenance or a faulty oil separator can also be the cause.

Steering/Suspension If you notice ABS light issues on your Porsche, then you may have a steering or suspension problem. In addition, CV joints take more abuse with these exotic models than regular cars.

Transmission Performance  If you notice that shifting gears becomes sluggish or even gets stuck at higher speeds, then you may need to replace your clutch or replace your transmission with expert mechanics. However, much of this can be prevented with routine maintenance and inspections from our certified Porsche auto techs.

Routine Maintenance – When you bring your Porsche into Deutschland Autowërks, you’ll get a 50 point inspection and diagnostic that looks for any issues with your vehicle. Our mechanics also dig deeper to look at common problems associated with your Porsche model. With preventive maintenance, you can keep your Porsche running at optimal performance for many years.

Bentley Service and Repair

yellow bentley exotic car hood with bentley hood ornament and driver headlight and rain dropsAre you worried that your Bentley has a problem that can’t be fixed? With impeccable engineering, top-notch performance, and triumphant design, the Bentley is an iconic exotic car that needs special care. Our team of expert and certified mechanics have seen it all when it comes to this auto manufacturer. We know how to solve issues with unique parts and unique mechanical problems that befall Bentley owners. With our extensive exotic car repair and service experience, Bentley car repair comes with a 50 point inspection and routine maintenance to keep your exotic’s performance at optimal levels.

Here are a few of the common problems we see with Bentley vehicles:

Electric Window Failure  Whether your window sticks or makes a hissing sound, these are signs of trouble that you’ll want to stop in and have us take a look.

Suspension  With a balanced, powerful suspension, the Bentley handles smoothly on any road. It’s vital for safety and comfort, which is why routine maintenance and tuning can keep your suspension in the best shape.

Brake Light Failure – Occasionally, Bentleys may suffer from a braking light defect or burn out. We can have it fixed promptly.

Electrical Problems – Bentleys have always been at the forefront of auto technology, but they often have electrical issues such as faulty icons on the dash, air pressure problems, engine light issues, and fuse defects.

Routine Maintenance You can increase the reliability and durability with Bentley car service performed at regular intervals with our trusted, factory trained mechanics.

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Lotus Car Repair and Service

front view orange lotus exige exotic car with black accentThe Lotus is a classic British brand that offers beautiful sports cars with unique engines and performance options. With their high performance engineering and superior design, many Lotus models like the Elise and Exige have high ratings for reliability. When it comes to Lotus car repair, older models offer suffer from the same mechanical problems, but many of these issues can be avoided with routine maintenance.

Some of the common issues we spot during Lotus exotic car repair and service include:

Sticky Airbag Covers – You may feel your steering wheel is prone to wear with Lotus. One of the main issues is that the wrong cleaner is used to remove grime and treat the leather. We can restore your steering wheel to its original luster.

Radiator  Lotus engines are built for performance, but some of the models are prone to failure due to plastic elements used in the construction. These may crack and leak, causing a host of issues.

Oil Lines – Many Lotus owners start to notice issues with their oil light and functions after a year or sooner with regular driving. In many cases, faulty connections are to blame. These can be replaced with stronger materials to ensure that your oil lines remain pristine.

Missing Lug Nut Adapters  Lotus models also have a problem with lug nut adapters coming loose or simply disappearing altogether due to the way that these exotics sit low to the ground. It’s important to have an in-car toolkit for these issues.

Routine Maintenance  Lotus owners benefit from regular maintenance because it keeps their engines running smoothly and avoids some of the problems commonly found with these exotic cars. You can keep your Lotus running at optimal levels for years to come with personalized certified repair and routine service.

Lamborghini Service and Repair

front view of blue and white lamborghini diablo exotic cars with open winged doorsWhether you have a Countach, Gallardo, or any other Lambo model in between, our certified technicians offer the highest degree of experience and part knowledge when it comes to Lamborghini car repair. With finely tuned, high performance engines, you’ll need routine maintenance from expert mechanics who know how to spot problems before they start.

Some of the common mechanical problems we see often with Lamborghini car service include:

Clutches – With a sport engine, you’ll use a manual transmission and clutch with these high performance vehicles. However, clutches may burn out quickly of not cared for and driven properly in certain Lambo models.

Interior Buttons – While they’re beautiful to look at, you may start to notice wear inside the cabin, such as buttons on the steering wheel and faded icons on internal central console buttons. Our technicians offer fast restoration and protection to keep your cabin looking pristine.

EGear Failures – Lamborghini models have sensitive parts including lines, hydraulic pumps, and actuators that develop issues when driven regularly at higher speeds.

Engine Problems  Our factory trained Lamborghini experts can tell you that the engine is the most important part for these exotic cars, but they can develop carbon deposits and spun bearings faster than other models. If you notice your engine is sluggish, sputters, knocks, or whines, you could have a serious issue in need of immediate repair.

Routine Maintenance  For the best performance, you can bring your Lamborghini into our factory trained auto repair team at recommended intervals. We know exactly what to look for in our inspection and diagnostics, and we’ll keep your Lamborghini running smoothly with preventive maintenance.

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Rolls Royce Car Repair and Service

deep blue exotic rolls royce phantom car hood with hood ornament and logo in brilliant chromeWith luxury supercars like Rolls Royce, you don’t expect a lot of problems. With incredible engine power, high-quality parts, and German engineering, the Rolls Royce is a car brand that offers consistent and reliable performance. However, every car has their issues, and there are some common Rolls Royce car service needs that you notice in certain models and older performance engines.

Some of the common problems we’ve noted in servicing Rolls Royce models include:

Pressure Control Valves  Your engine may lose pressure control with wear and tear over the years. This valve is meant to help with emissions, which is why you may notice smoke.

Spark Issues – Over time, you may need to replace Rolls Royce ignition parts. We offer OEM parts with our repair services to keep your Rolls running smoothly and operating at optimal levels.

Engine Oil Level Monitoring  Rolls Royce models have exceptionally smart computers that track all of your fluids, but the engine oil level lights can read faulty or not at all. This causes problems if you’re not receiving routine scheduled maintenance.

Water Ingress/Leaks – Older Rolls Royce models are prone to water ingress problems. Our mechanics easily diagnose these problems because it’s part of our Rolls Royce diagnostics and inspection process.

Engine Mounts  You want your engine to stay secure to the chassis, but if you notice that your engine mount is shaking or causing a lot of noise, it’s time to bring it in for a quick repair.

Routine Maintenance – Even though the Rolls Royce is a top performance brand, these exotics are not without their problems. Many of these issues can be prevented with affordable, regularly scheduled maintenance from a Rolls Royce certified technician.

Get the Best Exotic Car Service at Deutschland Autowërks

With highly trained mechanics certified in the top exotic brands, your vehicle always receives top-notch repairs, OEM parts, and white glove services at our exotic car repair and service shop. We know the critical repairs and common problems associated with today’s hottest exotic brands.

With vehicle diagnostics, factory recommended maintenance guides, race vehicle preparation, and routine engine maintenance, your exotic never has to fade in performance and reliability. We offer luxury car repair services that keep your vehicles running smooth and looking sleek for many years after initial purchase. With our professional auto techs and part knowledge, you can expect that we’ll go above and beyond to keep your exotic car running at superior performance levels.