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Looking for Mercedes Diesel engine repair and service? At Deutschland Autowërks, we strive to exceed customer expectations and provide affordable repairs from certified Mercedes-Benz techs. If you need to get back on the road today, we’re the experts to call.

mercedes-benz diesel engine inside engine compartment of car being rebuilt by mechanicNeed service today for Mercedes-Benz diesel engine problems? We are a Mercedes-Benz certified master mechanic service with over 15 years of experience. We provide all Mercedes diesel repair and service needs. Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles on the road today have onboard diagnostics (OBD) systems and smart engines that allow you to diagnose several common issues for fast Mercedes diesel repair service, but what if you need a more complex OEM part replacement or specialized engine repair? Our certified service shop handles Mercedes diesel repair and service, including Mercedes diesel failure, Mercedes-Benz BluTEC diesel issues, and much more.

Why go to a dealer when you’ll get better treatment for Mercedes-Benz CDI or BlueTec diesel engine problems, faster service, and lower prices at a Mercedes-Benz certified shop serviced by real experts? We started our shop to help owners and businesses who need their Mercedes vehicles to run, even if it’s an older service vehicle or a brand new E-class.

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Mercedes-Benz CDI Diesel Engine Repair

It’s tough to know when you have Mercedes-Benz diesel engine problems. “Das Beste oder Nichts” or “the best or nothing” is the historic motto for the German luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz, and we incorporate that philosophy into everything we do. Our team of Mercedes-Benz certified technicians can diagnose any engine problem with a quick assessment.

Not every Mercedes diesel engine repair and service shop is equipped to handle the problems of this luxury car brand, but we work with Mercedes diesel engine repair customers every day. We have the knowledge, tools, and OEM parts to fix any Mercedes diesel car, truck, service van, or other commercial vehicle. At our Deutschland Autowërks, we are dedicated to provide the utmost quality parts and even include a two-year warranty with 24,000 miles on OEM parts.

To fix your Mercedes-Benz diesel engine problems for good, we suggest working with a mechanic certified in Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC diesel engines. With our extensive diesel repair and service capabilities and equipment, our technicians are your first choice for high-quality service, diesel parts, and diesel truck service needs.

Call our Mercedes certified master mechanic diesel repair shop to talk to a specialist now!

Common Mercedes CDI Problems

Whether you need an advanced technician for complex issues or you’re experiencing common Mercedes CDI problems, our Mercedes certified master mechanic diesel repair techs are here for you.

Common Rail Diesel Injection (CDI), better known as clean-burning diesel technology, is diesel engine series from German Daimler AG, which is the primary engine installed on most Mercedes-Benz vehicles since 1997. These systems use direct fuel injection, which typically reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent or more. The manufacturer has more torque as well, increasing the power by as much as 40 percent.

We work with the most popular CDI engines, repairing and replacing with OEM parts. Popular CDI engines that we work on include:

  •  OM611
  •  OM668
  •  OM612
  •  OM628
  •  OM647
  •  OM648
  •  OM646
  •  OM640
  •  OM629
  •  OM651(most turbocharged models since 2008)
  •  OM656 (latest models since 2017)

If you have a CDI engine then you may have issues with the following:

Diesel Particulate Filters

Also called a DPF, Mercedes’ engines have a process to burn up soot particles, but this doesn’t always work and your DPF may need to be drained. Some of the reasons for this issue include a faulty temperature sensor, EGR valve, or swirl flap motor. The wrong engine oil can also include excessive soot problems.

Limp Mode

If you notice that your Mercedes diesel engine is losing power, then it could be set to a “limp home” mode. This is a typical response when there is a strange drivetrain process detected by the car’s computer. The engine computer will suddenly put the engine into limp mode, which cuts the power output and switching off turbocharge. Typical causes for this include the turbocharger actuator, boost leaks, swirl flap motor, or EGR valve.

Oil Leaks

Oil leakage is a major problem for all engines. Older Mercedes tend to have this problem because the oil has not been changed in a while or it’s simply a problem with the oil cooler gaskets. In any case, these simply need to be replaced, and your engine is good as new. In other cases, if old is leaking, it could be a sign of more serious issues. For instance, the intake manifold could have been damaged from a leak, which means that your turbocharger will likely need to be replaced.

For more information and what repairs we offer for your CDI engine, call our Mercedes master-certified technician diesel repair experts today!

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Mercedes BlueTec Repair & Service

Why not work with a Mercedes master-certified technician diesel repair shop that gives you the exact same experience as the dealer but for less? We want to get you back on the road today.

mercedes-benz diesel engine in engine compartment of car getting ready to be fixedWhile we troubleshoot the exact cause of your diesel engine, we know that BlueTEC issues have certain symptoms. When you talk to our technicians, we look for minor and major damage to your engine. Sometimes, there are acceleration problems or a rough vibration, which could mean that fuel delivery is an issue or it could mean sludge infiltrating your gas recirculation system.

You don’t need to worry about common Mercedes BlueTEC problems with our technicians. We know how to diagnose these issues the first time and get the right OEM parts. In any case, our technicians go through a point-by-point system check to diagnose your BlueTEC issue and provide you with a full estimate on repairs. Our technicians work with state-of-the-art equipment to repair your engine with precise tools and expert knowledge. It’s one of the reasons we are master-certified Mercedez-Benz technicians.

Common Mercedes BlueTec Problems

Have you noticed some rough vibrations when you start up your Benz? You could be dealing with an exhaust gas recirculation problem, but if there’s a leak or complete engine failure, there could be a more serious issue. Luckily our technicians have over 15 years of experience working with Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC engines.

Here are some of the common problems we fix:

Slow to Accelerate

When you push down on the gas, you expect to go as fast as possible, but if your car just struggles to break 30 mph, you could have an issue with your turbocharger. There are also issues with fuel delivery and exhaust gas recirculation problems. We take a look under the hood and check your car’s diagnostics to see if there were any problems. If your car has turned on “limp” mode, for example, your turbocharger has been switched off due to detected problems.

Stalls Out or Sputters

Is your engine knocking at a stoplight? There could be major issues with your older BlueTEC engine in this case. Most of the problems are due to a throttle actuator on older Benz vehicles.

Oil Leaks

Just a couple of drops of oil can ruin your intake. If you have an oil leaking into your oil pan, oil cooler, oil filter, or turbocharger, there may be more issues, such as a crack in your engine. We offer affordable services and OEM parts to help fix these complicated issues.

Importance of Mercedes Diesel Engine OEM Parts

Is your car or vehicle suffering from Mercedes diesel failure or another serious issue that requires parts? We offer Mercedes BlueTEC repair and replacements with genuine OEM parts right from the Daimler AG factory.

Experienced and qualified Mercedes-Benz technicians are not always found at the dealer. With certification and Mercedes diesel OEM parts, our shop operates just like a dealer but for less cost. You don’t have to wait all week to get your car fixed either. When you come to our Mercedes diesel repair and service shop, we know exactly what parts are necessary and have access to direct OEM shipping if it’s not in our stockroom.

It’s important to us that we only work with OEM parts and give customers the greatest value and service. We provide a full guarantee on our services, and all of our repairs are protected under a two-year, 24,000 miles warranty.

Mercedes Master-Certified Technician  Diesel Engine Repair

Don’t let Mercedes-Benz diesel engine problems ruin your favorite luxury German auto! We can fix most engines in 48 hours.

What does it mean to be Mercedes-certified? Our techs went through multiple courses and training to show that they not only knew each and every Mercedes model, but they also performed tests for engines, electrical systems, bodywork, and much more.

When you work with our Mercedes diesel engine repair technicians, you know that they have been approved as experts. Their combined knowledge means that you get the best service for the value, as well as expert OEM part knowledge. That’s how we fix your vehicle the first time even when you need a complete engine rebuild.

The best part is you don’t have to pay dealer prices to get the dealer service treatment! You’re just a click away from fixing your Mercedes-Benz diesel engine for good.

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