Mercedes Brake Service and Repair

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Do you need a runway to come to a complete stop? If your brakes don’t have the same stopping power as they used to, it’s time to get a brake inspection and from a Mercedes technician. We only use quality Mercedes-Benz original parts in all our brake repair services.

Trust the Mercedes Brake Repair Experts

Get the best Mercedes brake service and repair from Mercedes-Benz certified technicians

Take a look at some of the services we offer:

  • Free brake inspection
  • Expert brake repair
  • Low-cost brake replacement
  • OEM brake pads
  • OEM brake pad sensors
  • OEM brake rotors

When you need a Mercedes brake repair, the experts have the right tools and experience to help you get back on the road. Whether you need a Mercedes brake replacement or just want a full Mercedes brake service that won’t break the bank, our technicians offer a client-first approach with every vehicle intake. We’ll address your concerns and find the root of the problem quickly.

Mercedes Brake Service

From the hydraulic brake fluid to the power brake booster, your Mercedes brake problems don’t have to put you and others on the road in danger. Our fast, friendly technicians will perform a full brake inspection and find the root of your problem. 

Some of the parts and systems we look at in a Mercedes brake inspection include:

  • Mercedes brake pads
  • Mercedes brake rotors
  • Hydraulic brake fluid
  • Brake master cylinder
  • Power brake booster
  • Full Mercedes brake replacement

How Much Does Mercedes Brake Repair Cost?

We’ll give you a full estimate on brake replacement cost before performing any repairs.

You don’t have to pay a lot to get your brakes inspected and stay safe on the road. Any time you notice symptoms of grinding, red indicator dashboard lights, ABS problems, slow braking response, or erratic stopping behavior, you should take your Mercedes to a technician who can provide fast and accurate repairs without charging an inflated rate.

We provide the best price on services and OEM Mercedes parts so that you always get the best repairs for less. You shouldn’t have to pay dealer prices to get your Mercedes back on the road.

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I’ve owned Mercedes Benz for over 40 years, so I have considerable experiences with Benz epair shops. Dealerships doan OK job, but nothing special, and costly. Keith, on the other hand, is an exceptional mechanic, fair priced, and can diagnose accurately the first time. If you own a Benz, you would be wise to call Keith for your next service.
-Bob Brown

How Do Mercedes-Benz Brakes Work?

Depending on your model, your Mercedes brake systems likely uses adaptive brake technology with active brake assist. Many of the newer models can have system errors and issues that need a Mercedes-certified technician to inspect and repair. Without this expert service, many Mercedes owners go to a regular service shop and don’t get the issue repaired the first time.

When you have an issue with your adaptive brakes, it could spell disaster on the road. Some of the issues that we have seen with adaptive technology and brake assist include:

  • ABS failure
  • Acceleration slip regulation failure
  • Electronic stability program sensor problems
  • Brake assist failure or sticking
  • Electronic brake force distribution problems

If you notice any a red indicator light for your ABS, it could mean that you are unprotected on wet or icy roads. It’s time to come in for Mercedes brake service right away.

Common Mercedes Brake Repair Needs

At the first sign of a slow response braking problem or grinding noise, owners should take their vehicle to a qualified shop. You don’t have to pay a high brake replacement cost to get accurate, precise service. Some of the common braking problems facing Mercedes vehicles today include:

  • Sticking brakes in CLS
  • Mercedes GL SUV vibration in front brakes
  • Shaking and chattering brakes in older models
  • Soft pedal related to low fluids
  • Car pulling to right or left
  • Worn out brake pads

Our Mercedes brake inspection and repair service goes through a full point-to-point process, looking at every issue and ensuring that it receives a green light before the repair is completed. Here is an in-depth look at what our techs do for our clients:

  1. Complete inspection of braking system, diagnosing any noises and broken brake lines
  2. Rotor inspection
  3. Caliper inspection
  4. Brake fluid re-fill
  5. OEM part identification and replacement
  6. Replace any worn out or broken parts, spray with brake conditioning treatment and finish with light coating of lubricant
  7. Perform walk-through with client to ensure satisfaction

Our technicians always look for the best price on Mercedes factory OEM pads and rotors. We want our clients to have the absolute best for a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

Get a Low-Cost Mercedes Brake Service Today

Trust a Mercedes-certified technician to fix your car’s brakes without the huge bill.

You don’t want to sleep on brake repairs or your brakes may sleep on you when you need them the most. If you are worried about the cost of OEM parts and Mercedes services, you can trust our team to always deliver on our promise. We never charge dealer prices to fix your Mercedes the right way!



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