Mercedes Auto Repair Services

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You can count on Deutschand Autowërks Mercedes auto repair services in Washington County, Utah, for focused maintenance and repair of all Mercedes car models. We offer the following:

  • Mercedes-Benz specific auto repair
  • 15 years Mercedes-Benz certified master mechanic 
  • All models of Mercedes-Benz serviced
  • All services and repairs
  • Exclusive use of only OEM parts
  • Client focused service and communication
  • Visual inspection of all parts replaced and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Latest diagnostic technology and equipment


One of the main reasons to choose dedicated Mercedes-Benz auto repair services is due to the high quality of Mercedes engineering. With the Mercedes C-Class continuing to be one of the top-selling luxury cars in America, increasing numbers of Mercedes owners want to make sure that their vehicle is not only properly repaired when necessary but also properly maintained in order to uphold its stellar performance. Mercedes-Benz employs increasingly complex technologies in its vehicles in order to provide customers with a fuel efficient, safe, connected and high-performing driving experience. 

When you seek specialized Mercedes-Benz auto repair services, you get technicians who are well-versed in the complexities of Mercedes-Benz engineering and know how to best repair and replace Mercedes-Benz parts and systems.


Deutschland AutoWërks Mercedes Repair Services

Service A

This service is performed after your first  10,000 miles. Click the button below to find all the important details!

Brake Repair

A critical component to you and your passengers safety. It’s definitely worth a quick stop in for a free inspection.

Service B

This service takes place at the 20,000 mark. Come see us so we can give you a thumbs up for many miles to come.

Check Engine

If this light is on consistently, flashing, or only showing up intermittently, delaying is going to cost you more. Come see us!

A/C Service

In the heat of the summer, it is peace of mind to have a cool, comfortable cabin, with no odd noises or fluctuations.

Electrical Repair

If you need a jump, your window motor is intermittent, you see warning lights, or your power locks have a mind of their own.

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Engine Repair

Engine warnings are not to be taken lightly. If you smell, hear and feel things that are not normal, give us a call or stop in.

Suspension Repair

Pulling to one side, difficulty steering, malfunction alert, sagging in front or back are tell tale signs you need and inspection.

Transmission Repair

Do you ever get stuck in first gear, notice a shudder when you shift, or feel slipping when going from 1 gear to another?

Our Mercedes Customer Experiences

If you have a Mercedes Benz and live in southern Utah, Keith is your guy. Over the past several years he has serviced two Mercedes for us — and he’s been our ONLY Mercedes mechanic ever since. You can trust that Keith will give you the straight scoop on what your vehicle needs (won’t sell you what you don’t need), will provide you with fast, efficient and reliable service, and do at a competitive and reasonable cost. Keith knows Mercedes inside and out — you can be confident when he diagnoses a problem and fixes it, it will be done right the first time. He’s truly the best in the biz — we wouldn’t use anyone else!

Lisa S

St George, UT

Keith is great!!! Called on some codes my E320 was showing and he gave me over the phone instructions how to clear them. It worked and no charge. Highly recommend Keith he knows Mercedes inside and out!
With 3 Benzes there is always one thing or another that needs attention. Keith is a much better choice than taking your car to the dealer. He knows these cars and is always willing to check it out with short notice. Bonus…his repair prices are reasonable! Thanks once again

Lynette P

Cedar City, UT

We were staying at my brothers place in Springville UT and our Mercedes was cutting out randomly while driving. Thankfully we had my sis-in-law’s car to use. We called up and asked if they could squeeze us in, as we were from out of state. They got us right in, kept the car overnight since the problem didn’t replicate right away. Fixed the issue once the code came up, didn’t overcharge for the service, and was a cool dude to chat with! Would HIGHLY recommend this knowledgeable Mercedes repair… he’s the only guy in the area that actually knows Mercedes! Thank you!

Michelle W

Hemet, CA

A huge thank you to Deutschland AutoWërks for helping us while traveling far from home. They helped me rule out several electrical issue possibilities that could be affecting the anti-theft alarm on the 15′ Mercedes Sprinter van we were traveling in. The alarm would sound while we were driving down the road. They got me to the point where I could confidently pull the fuse and continue on our road trip. I’m confident if I actually had an issue that they would do whatever they could to get me back on the road. Once again, BIG, BIG THANK YOU!

Don T

Redlands, CA



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