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Mercedes Auto Repair Services

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You can count on Deutschand Autowërks Mercedes auto repair services in Washington County, Utah, for focused maintenance and repair of all Mercedes car models. We offer the following:mercedes auto repair services deutschland autowerks, black coupe, black sport and black SUV serviced and repaired 

  • Mercedes-Benz specific auto repair
  • 15 years Mercedes-Benz certified master mechanic 
  • All models of Mercedes-Benz serviced
  • All services and repairs
  • Exclusive use of only OEM parts
  • Client focused service and communication
  • Visual inspection of all parts replaced and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Latest diagnostic technology and equipment


One of the main reasons to choose dedicated Mercedes-Benz auto repair services is due to the high quality of Mercedes engineering. With the Mercedes C-Class continuing to be one of the top-selling luxury cars in America, increasing numbers of Mercedes owners want to make sure that their vehicle is not only properly repaired when necessary but also properly maintained in order to uphold its stellar performance. Mercedes-Benz employs increasingly complex technologies in its vehicles in order to provide customers with a fuel efficient, safe, connected and high-performing driving experience. 

When you seek specialized Mercedes-Benz auto repair services, you get technicians who are well-versed in the complexities of Mercedes-Benz engineering and know how to best repair and replace Mercedes-Benz parts and systems.


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Deutschland AutoWërks Mercedes Repair Services

service a maintenance white meredes-benz bi-turbo engine compartment with hood up

Service A

This service is performed after your first  10,000 miles. Click the button below to find all the important details!

close up view of new alternator with belt on and exposed windings

Alternator Replacement

If your Mercedes is stalling, hard starting, whining, or the lights are dim, you may need a new alternnator. 

mercedes service b being performed on teal green mercedes coupe on lift in repair shop with hood open

Service B

This service takes place at the 20,000 mark. Come see us so we can give you a thumbs up for many miles to come.

mercedes-benz OEM battery to replace malfunctioning battery

Battery & Auxiliary

If your battery is over 4 years old and you notice sluggish starts or your check engine light on, stop in before you get stranded. 

mercedes auto air condition service compression testing unit in engine compartment with red and blue indicators for hot and cold

A/C Service

In the heat of the summer, it is peace of mind to have a cool, comfortable cabin, with no odd noises or fluctuations.

car engine cutout view of mercedes engine belt that that performs critical functions for engine

Belts and Hoses

The serpentine belt supplies power to your vehicle’s alternator, AC system, power steering pump and to the water pump.

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mercedes mechanic performing brake service rotor and brake repair on performance brakes using power sockets

Brake Repair

A critical component to you and your passengers safety. It’s definitely worth a quick stop in for a free inspection.

mercedes electrical repair technician with meter connected to fusebox troubleshooting electrical problem

Electrical Repair

If you need a jump, your window motor is intermittent, you see warning lights, or your power locks have a mind of their own.

mercedes check engine light diagnostics speedometer with check engine light illuminated

Check Engine

If this light is on consistently, flashing, or only showing up intermittently, delaying is going to cost you more. Come see us!

mercedes engine repair engine pulled out of white mercedes while being rebuilt

Engine Repair

Engine warnings are not to be taken lightly. If you smell, hear and feel things that are not normal, give us a call or stop in.

mercedes electrical repair technician with meter connected to fusebox troubleshooting electrical problem

Diesel Repair & Service

If you are experiencing slow acceleration, stall outs, sputters or oil leaks, our expert diesel techs need to see you sooner than later!

black porsche panamera turbo driving down the freeway with windows down

Exotic Repair & Service

Our factory trained experts will restore your Porsche, Bentley, Lotus, Lambo or Rolls Royce to a pristine purr or roar far below any dealer!

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Close up of Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR 2018 V8 Bi-turbo exterior engine

Fuel System Cleaning

If you recognize any signs of a dirty fuel system or clogged injectors, give us a call to get your Mercedes running like new again!

mercedes engine radiator overheating with technician pulling cap off with glove

Radiator Replacement

If you are experiencing overheating, leaking, and hot smells, call us or stop in before extensive damage can occur.

Engine on a repair stand and mechanic performing head gasket replacement and seal to engine block.

Head Gasket Replacement

Head gasket failure can be catastrophic for your Mercedes. Signs of failure can be subtle. Give us a call or stop by TODAY!

Orange smart car parked on the road with open behind rear glass

Smart Car Repair & Service

No matter what type of smart car you have, our smart car expert technicians will have you humming at 100% and back on the road.

White mercedes AMG SUV on automotive rack while mechanic performs a pre purchase inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Safety is the biggest factor of a pre purchase inspection. Click LEARN MORE for all the details that seperate our service!

white mercedes-benz sprinter van in shop for repair

Sprinter Van Repair

Whether you have a family Mercedes Sprinter or a fleet of vans, we provide expert service and repair. CALL FOR FLEET PRICING!

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mercedes suspension repair technician with hand light searching and troubleshooting suspension components under car on lift

Suspension Repair

Pulling to one side, difficulty steering, malfunction alert, sagging in front or back are tell tale signs you need and inspection.

new car water pump part on the table not connected in engine

Water Pump Replacement

If you notice leaked coolant in your engine compartment or under your motor, give us a call or stop in.

car engine cutaway of timing chain replacement and camshaft

Timing Chain Replacement

If you experience engine misfires or rattling sounds at idle, bring your Mercedes by pronto to confirm if you need a new timing belt. 

mercedes transmission repair transmission cutout to see internal parts and components with silver shell

Transmission Repair

Do you ever get stuck in first gear, notice a shudder when you shift, or feel slipping when going from 1 gear to another?

Our Customer Experiences

Jameson Jones

Deutschland is an awesome place to take your Mercedes. Professional work done and even better customer service. Don’t waste time going to the dealership – Keith makes maintenance a great experience.

Kenneth Mandell

Excellent people equal excellent (quality) work done. I respect Keith for his honesty and candid advice whenever I bring our classic Mercedes into his shop. I know that I’ll receive only the work necessary and it’ll be a reasonable cost. Sure am glad that we discovered Deutschland AutoWerks.

Faith Jeffs

I will only bring my Mercedes to Keith because he does excellent work and I can trust him. I lived in Vegas and still brought my car to him, I refuse to go anywhere else! If I ever move out of country I will put my car on a boat and have it shipped over seas to Keith because they’re just that great 😀

Mark Jackson

My 2006 S 430 Matic sedan A/C was failing in 107 degree trip I took to St George last week. I was desperate to remedy this situation . I was worried repair bills could exceed 2K ? Keith Shop Deutschland got it in the next morning and recharged it to icy cold again for $ 110 bucks . I was shocked it was so affordable. When I told my 88 year old Dad that he said ” There are still honest people out there !! ” I can not have been more pleased and happy with this shop . Mark J 64 year old teenager .

Larissa GreenBerlin

New in town and happy I found this shop right away. Quick and reliable service ! Definitely recommend them !



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